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HomeWorld"Forgive Me", Tamil Superstar Rajinikanth Drops Plan To Join Politics

“Forgive Me”, Tamil Superstar Rajinikanth Drops Plan To Join Politics

Chennai: Tamil superstar Rajinikanth has announced that he will neither start his new career as a politician nor will he launch any political party ahead of upcoming Tamil Nadu assembly elections. Rajinikanth, who was recently released from hospital after irregular blood pressure, revealed on Tuesday his health doesn’t allow him to participate in mainstream politics. 

The 70-year-old actor, who has worked in more than 150 films in all major languages in India, said that his current health condition will impact his political campaign and that’s why he will not be able to enter into politics. 

Rajinikanth, however, said that he will serve the people without becoming part of politics. 

Sharing a long letter on Twitter, Shivaji actor said that his fans, especially those who were expecting that he will enter politics, will be disappointed with this decision.

Dropping the idea of launching his political venture, the superstar further said, “Forgive me, because my health doesn’t allow me to campaign amid the pandemic.” 

Rajinikanth, who had earlier said that he will launch a political party on December 31 to contest Tamil Nadu assembly election next year in May 2021 said that elections cannot solely depend on media or social media once I start a political party.