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Hacking Attempt At Imran Khan’s Phone, Pakistan Blames India

The Information Ministry of Pakistan has claimed that Prime Minister Imran Khan’s mobile phone was put on surveillance by Israel-made Pegasus software. Fawad Hussain, who is the Information &Broadcasting minister of the Pakistan government, said in a statement that authorities are looking into the matter and waiting for the details of the hacking. The Pegasus report, that was exposed by a France-based NGO Forbidden Story and Amnesty International, revealed that one of Imran Khan’s phone number was possibly targeted by Pegasus software. Pakistan has said that India may be behind the hacking of Imran Khan’s phone.

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One of the Pakistan PM Imran Khan’s phone numbers was possibly hacked by malicious Pegasus software, according to Washington Post. The report said over 50,000 people’s phone data was reportedly hacked by Pegasus.

Expressing concern on the matter, Fawad Chaudhary said that the Indian government used Israeli software and Pakistan will raise the issue on a relevant platform.

The report said that at least 300 Indian phone numbers were appeared on the surveillance of Pegasus. The report claimed that journalists, lawyers, political leaders, judges, social workers, businessmen were among the hit list of Pegasus.

Pegasus is malicious software developed by Israel’s cybersecurity company NSO. The software can easily access the victim’s mobile.