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Hundreds Of Protesters Arrested Over New Job Law in Jakarta

Jakarta: At least 400 people were arrested in Indonesia’s capital Jakarta on Thursday at a protest over a controversial law that critics say will harm jobs and the environment.

Demonstrations have gathered steam in the capital Jakarta and other cities on Wednesday and Thursday, after carrying out peaceful protests earlier in the week. Some 60 protestors and six police were injured at a demonstration near Presidential Palace.

Several videos of the demonstration show that people throwing stones, setting fire and police using tear gas to control the protest.

The bill was passed on Monday, which aims to attract investments and revive the economy. The Omnibus law is expected to bring three million jobs.

However, the bill makes important changes to Indonesia’s labour regulations and also abolishes the minimum wage, which was set by the governor.

What is Indonesia’s New Job Law?

The new Omnibus Law intends to remove red tape and opening the economy to more foreign investments. The law will make the process fast, simplify the licensing and speedy policymaking to respond to world promptly. The law also make important changes in the labour regulation.

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