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HomeWorld"I Am Still Healing From One Taliban Bullet": Malala’s Heartfelt Note

“I Am Still Healing From One Taliban Bullet”: Malala’s Heartfelt Note

As the Taliban has gained Afghanistan and thousands of Afghan people are desperate to leave their country, activist Malala Yousafzai has opened up about the radical Islamic organization in her latest blog. Malala said that she is still healing from the Taliban attack that changed her entire life. Malala, who expressed her concern about Afghan women under Taliban rule, shared everything about her journey since the time the radical organization shot one bullet into her left temple in 2012. Malala said that when Taliban fighters were strengthening their grip in Afghanistan and US forces were pulling out from the war-torn country, she was in a hospital in Boston for her sixth surgery.

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Recalling the incident, Malala said that a member of the Pakistani Taliban boarded her school bus and shot into the left temple. She revealed that bullet grazed her left eye, skull and brain – “lacerating my facial nerve, shattering my eardrum and breaking her jaw joints.”

Taliban targeted Malala Yousafzai, who hails from Swat Valley in northeastern Pakistan, for campaigning in the favour of girls’ education.

“I had the most severe head pain. My vision was blurry. The tube in my neck made it impossible to talk. Days later I still couldn’t speak, but I started to write things in a notebook and show them to everyone who came to my room,” she shared her heartbreaking story in a blog.

“I tried to stay calm. I told myself, when they discharge me, I will find a job, earn some money, buy a phone, call my family and work until I pay all the bills I owe to the hospital,” Nobel Peace Prize laureate wrote.

Malala, who graduated from Oxford University last year, said that two weeks ago when she was in a hospital for her surgery, she watched that provinces were falling to armed men.

“That guns were loaded with bullets like the one that shot me,” she said.

Expressing her concern to see the current situation of Afghanistan, she further added that she has been writing letters to heads of the state across the world and speaking with women rights activists to help Afghan people, particularly children and women.