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Shocking! Man Throws Cat From Hill Top To Make Video. Arrested

Kuala Lumpur: An Indonesian boy, who allegedly threw a cat from the top of a hill to make fun and entertainment, has been arrested. Central Kalimantan’s Murung Raya police took the matter seriously after people on social media urged authorities to arrest the culprits.

In a very disturbing video, it can be seen that a boy is dangerously holding the cat and later throwing into the air just for fun. It is believed that at least three men were involved in the incident.

On the charge of mistreatment and abuse of animals, police have arrested a teenage boy who was holding the cat and later threw the animal to make video content. Along with him, police also arrested two men who were involved in filming the video.

The boy was crying in police custody and repeatedly apologising for his own vile act.

The police asked social media users to be wiser and stop sharing the video.