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HomeWorldIsraelis Must Leave Territories And ‘Go Back’ To US, Europe: Iran’s Commander

Israelis Must Leave Territories And ‘Go Back’ To US, Europe: Iran’s Commander

An Iranian General Commander today issued a fresh warning against Israel, saying that Zionists must leave the territories and settle in the United States and Europe. The statement comes a week after Israel and Palestine announced a seize fire amid the deadly war—– that killed more than 240 people and 2,000 others were injured.  Iran’s top military force’s General Commander Esmail Ghaani said that Zionists should ‘rebuy’ homes in Europe and the US before the price rise.

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Esmail Ghaani, the commander of the Iranian Quds Force, issued a threat against Israel at a time when tension is at its peak in the Middle East. He said that Israelis to “go back” to Europe and the US and start living there.
Speaking at an event in Iran’s capital Tehran, Ghaani, who replaced Qassem Soleimani, as head of the Quds Force after he was killed in a US airstrike last year in January in Baghdad, said: “I advise all Zionists to go back and repurchase the houses they have sold in Europe, the US and elsewhere to come to the Palestinian territories before the houses become more expensive than today.”