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End For Benjamin Netanyahu As Opposition Parties Announces New Govt

Israel’s longest-serving Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is all set to lose power as a deal has been done between the country’s two main opposition parties. According to media reports, opposition leader Yair Lapid and his rival, Naftali Bennett have agreed to form a new government in Israel. This unprecedented development comes days after Israel was engaged in a two-week-long deadly war against Palestine.

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Benjamin Netanyahu’s cumulative 15 years in power are about to end as opposition leader Yair Lapid has confirmed that his Yesh Atid party is all set to form the new government in a coalition with Naftali Bennett‘s New Right party. Lapid has said that a mail has been sent to the President, confirming that Israel will see a new government as both parties have agreed on a deal.

“I am honored to inform you that I have succeeded in forming a government,” a former journalist and finance minister Lapid told President Reuven Rivlin.

According to the deal, Bennett, who has served in an elite military commando unit and as a tech entrepreneur, will hold PM’s office for the first two years. While Lapid will serve for the last two years. Also, it will be the first time in Israel political history when an Islamic party– The United Arab– will join the government’s coalition.