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Israeli Airstrikes In Syria Kill 11 Fighters

Israel has killed at least 11 people in Syria in multiple air strikes, the state media reported on Wednesday. Israel has targeted Syria’s air forces positions as well as the Hezbullah movement on the outskirts of Homs. The report said that Israeli air forces carried out Tuesday evening and attacked the several positions in Syria. This comes weeks after Israel and Palestine were engaged in a deadly war.

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A British war monitor–Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, has claimed that Israel has carried out airstrikes in Syria’s capital Damascus, Homs, Hama, and Latakia, killing 11 people in the incident. The observatory said in its statement that seven army soldiers of Syria and 4 National Defence Forces militia killed during the airstrike.

According to Israeli forces, militia movements in its neighbouring countries, including Lebanon’s  Hezbullah backed by ‘Iran’ wont allow any activities against Israel.