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Japan Warns Possible Terror Attack In Southeast Asia

A warning of the terror attack has been issued to all the Japanese citizens who are living in Southeast Asian countries. Urging its citizens to stay away from crowded religious activities, Japan issued a warning regarding the possible terror attack on its citizens in Malaysia, the Philippines, Myanmar, Singapore, and Thailand. The same advisory has also been issued by the respective Japanese embassies.

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The warning issued by the Japanese Foreign Affairs Ministry and urged people to stay away from places of worship and other crowded gatherings. According to reports, nearly 31,000 Japanese citizens are residing in Malaysia.

An official from an embassy has confirmed the news and said the advisory was issued this morning after receiving instructions from Tokyo. However, he did not reveal any further information.

According to the advisory, there could be terrorist attacks in religious facilities or houses of worship and crowded gatherings in Southeast Asia.

The warning came amid the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan last month, a development that has raised security concerns of all Southeast Asian nations.

Soon after capturing Kabul by the armed group, Southeast Asia’s most notorious terror organization– Jemaah Islamiah (JI) had congratulated the Taliban, saying Indonesian Muslims to celebrate the Afghanistan government’s fall as the ’victory of Islam.’

Last week, on Sunday, the Singaporean government had also expressed its concern over the Taliban’s return to Afghanistan and warned that it could lead possible terror attacks in Southeast Asia.