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HomeWorldJared Kushner, Melania Trump Advise Trump To Accept Defeat: Reports

Jared Kushner, Melania Trump Advise Trump To Accept Defeat: Reports

Kuala Lumpur: The inner circle of US President Donald Trump appears to be splitting as he continues to refuse to accept defeat to Joe Biden in the US Presidential election 2020.

While some members want him to peacefully step-down, others are supporting him to continue the fight.

According to CNN’s report, first lady Melania Trump and Trump’s son-in-law and senior adviser Jared Kushner want him to concede his defeat to Joe Biden, as the results show Republicans falling way behind the Democrats.

However, another source shows that his sons, Donald Junior and Eric are asking the Republican supporters and Trump to keep fighting and reject the results.

Trump’s campaign is planning a ‘messaging blitz’, claiming that the votes have been counted of corruption. His campaign has been throwing accusations of voters fraud, so far without proof.

Although he has not denied the results privately, as he has done so publicly, he has asked his lawyers to put legal barrier’s, that would delay legal certification.

Trump’s campaign spokesman Jason Miller has denied claims that Jared approached Trump asking him to back down, instead said he advised him to pursue legal action.

In a statement, Trump said he will not rest until Americans get the honest votes. It is believed that the legal battle will start on Monday. However, according to Biden-Harris, deputy campaign manager, there had been no communication between the two candidates.

Meanwhile, many members of Trump’s party have urged him not to concede defeat, including Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, one of the President’s closest allies in the Senate, and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, who was also Trump’s one-time primary rival.