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K-Pop fans raise more than 335,000 bahts to aid the pro-democracy demonstrators in Thailand

KUALA LUMPUR: Thailand’s K-pop army has joined hands to raise funds in support of the continuous pro-democracy protests around the nation.
The fans in a very short span of time chipped in more than 335,000 RM.

Thailand has been shaken by large-scale turmoils as thousands of people are on the streets in a wave of protests across Bangkok and other Thai cities in the rebellion of a government crackdown following three months of demonstrations aimed against at the prime minister and monarchy.

According to a report by Khaosad English, The most generous donations so far come from the fans for the Girls’ Generation group, which provided 779,562 baht.

Nang Nak actress turned activist Intira “Sai” Charoenpura also encouraged the K-pop and other fandoms to raise and donated for the protesters to buy necessary equipment.

K-Pop fans often come together to purchase ads on BTS and MRT to wish their idols on their special occasions.