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3rd Blast In Kabul, 160 People Killed: Reports

A third blast in Kabul has taken place on Thursday. According to reports, ISIS-Khorasan took the responsibility for the attack and claimed that at least 160 people killed in a series of attacks. The third blast has claimed the lives of Taliban militants, reports said.

The blast comes after deadly twin bomb attacks at the airport, claimed by Islamic State-K, killed at least 64 people, including US troops. News agency AFP reported that the new blast was heard by its staff in Kabul. “It was not immediately clear what caused it, ” the AFP report said.

12 US service members killed in Kabul airport attack, Pentagon says.

Meanwhile, a Medical official in Kabul says 60 Afghans have been killed, and the number is expected to rise.

Taliban, who recently gained control in Afghanistan, has condemned the attack.

It is reported that Pentagon had already informed the Taliban regarding the possible terror attack near the Kabul airport today.

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