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HomeWorldKorean Woman Regrets putting infant up for sale

Korean Woman Regrets putting infant up for sale

A young mother residing in Jeju Island recently created a bustle in Korean society after offering to sell her newborn baby in a mobile pre-owned marketplace.

The woman who offered her baby for 200,000 won (US$175) now regrets her actions, the police claims.

Provincial Police Agency at Jeju Island investigated the bizarre case and after preparatory interrogation concluded that the 20-year-old single woman seemed to have uploaded the provocative post after facing her physical and emotional challenges after giving birth to the baby following an unwanted pregnancy.

The case gained all the attention on Friday, when the woman posted two pictures of her infant on the cyber marketplace, saying a 36-week-old newborn is open for adoption for the price of 200,000 won.

The surprisingly offensive post immediately spread on local online communities, prompting police to launch an investigation for her possible violation of the Child Welfare Act.

The young woman has truly expressed repentance says the police and had immediately deleted her online post after realizing her behavior was wrong and remorse.