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A Man Confirmed ‘Pregnant’ In China

Kuala Lumpur: A man in China who suffers from an upset stomach was left reeling and in shock by a doctor who confirmed that he was pregnant after undergoing an examination at a hospital.

Citing the Global Times portal, the bizarre incident took place this week on Monday in Guangdong province of Southern China where the man was being treated at a hospital.

According to reports, the hospital found the man’s pregnancy report after conducting an ultrasound test owing to his stomach pain.

Surprisingly, the test report confirmed the man was pregnant with a normal embryo.

The man, known as Wu, was shocked by the report, asking the doctor to explain further the results of the report, causing the hospital to immediately conduct a review.

After examining the matter, the doctor who treated him apologised for finding that his party had made a mistake.

The doctor claimed that the hospital staff forgot to delete the previous patient’s diagnosis report before the same copy was given to Wu.

Wu was finally able to breathe a sigh of relief after being confirmed not pregnant as well as not having serious health problems.