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Man Marries Himself After Fiance Breaks Up, See Wedding Pics

A Brazilean man married himself and promised to take care of himself in the dreamy beach wedding after his fiance broke up the engagement.

The couple, Dr. Diogo Rabelo and Vitor Bueno, got engaged in November 2019, but they parted their ways this year. This made the 33-year-old Diogo go for the decision of marrying himself on October 16, this year.

The doctor walked down the aisle in his beautiful wedding ceremony at a resort in Itacaré, Bahia, where he exchanged vows with himself in front of a mirror while guests and the family members followed all the rituals.

Diogo’s decision was supported by his close friends and family, and all of them turned up at the wedding.

Diogo proved the way to see one’s self-worth and that is not measured by the presence of someone else in one’s life and inspired the youth to not lose hope after getting rejected.