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HomeWorldMelania Trump Breaks Silence, Comes In Donald Trump' Support

Melania Trump Breaks Silence, Comes In Donald Trump’ Support

Putting an end to reports, US first lady Melania Trump today broke her silence over reports of her support to husband Donald Trump’s legal battle after he lost the presidential election to Joe Biden 
Melania Trump supported her husband Trump’s claims of the Presidential seat being stolen from him.

Melania accused Joe Biden, the newly elected president of illegally receiving votes. In a recent tweet, she stated, “The American people deserve fair elections. Every legal – not illegal – vote should be counted.”

She also mentioned that the country’s democracy must be protected the day after Democrat Joe Biden was elected as the next President of the country.

Melania bestowed support for her husband and vouched for him by going out to vote in Morton and Barbara Mandel Recreation Center at Palm Beach, Florida while not wearing a face mask and taking any necessary safety measures.

Even on the day after Joe Biden and his vice-president Kamala Harris delivered their victory speeches in Delaware, the Trump supporters have continued to claim that the fight is not over.