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Malaysia's Youth and Sports Minister has placed a strong emphasis on discovering new para sports talents. The ministry is actively engaging in initiatives to...
HomeWorldMichelle Obama Launched #VotingSquad Campaign To Urge Individuals To Vote

Michelle Obama Launched #VotingSquad Campaign To Urge Individuals To Vote

Former first lady Michelle Obama took to Instagram to share a picture of herself launching a challenge urging people to “text three people” who might not vote and urge them to vote.

“Making sure our friends and family have a plan to vote will make all the difference in this election. So, here’s my challenge to you: text three people in your life today who might not vote and ask them to join your #VotingSquad and make a plan to vote together,” the caption said where she also tagged three friends of her.

The ”Becoming” author also requested people to share a picture with their squad challenging three companions to share their plan to vote.

Michelle requested folks to join and support the initiative at “”.