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Nadia Brian’s Husband Planning For Divorce, Claims “Having Evidence Of Cheating”

Actress Nadia Brian’s Husband Planning For Divorce, Amid Rumours Of Her Affair With Aidit Noh

Mu’izz Nasruddin, the husband of actress Nadia Brian, is planning to file for divorce. The couple is said to be living separately for nearly three months.

Nasruddin revealed that his relationship with Nadia has not been on the expected lines, and confirmed that his last post was indeed about his wife’s infidelity.

He stated that it is true that he had been insulted, betrayed and persecuted. He said he finally decided to speak up after being humiliated. He said she had not only disrespected him but also his family and he has evidence to prove that she was cheating.

Nasruddin said that she has been telling people that he did not give her what she wanted, however, that is not the case, adding, that he has no other option than divorce.

Earlier, rumours were there of Nadia having an affair with her Sweetie Nanie co-star Aidit Noh.

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