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Nearly 100 Killed In Airstrikes In Yemen

Around 100 people have been killed and dozens have been wounded in an airstrike launched by the Saudi-led alliance in Yemen on Friday. The airstrike hit the detention centre in Saada, killing dozens of people including African migrants. The Saudi-led alliance’s attack was in response to rebel group Houthi’s attack on Abu Dhabi that took place on Monday. Iran-backed rebel Houthi group has blamed the Saudi alliance for the attack.

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Saudi-led alliance, however, did make any comment on the attack but said that its military had targeted a port controlled by Houthi on Friday.

The coalition also said that it had attacked Houthis military whereabouts on Friday. “The operation was carried out in response to the threat of hostile attack,” the statement read.

According to the local media, hospitals are overwhelmed due to the heavy casualties following the attack.

The local media also claimed that more than 70 people have been killed—mostly were migrants.

However, the exact number of causalities is still unclear but it is believed that the death toll in Saaba could have been more than hundreds.

Meanwhile, the UN has condemned Saudi-led coalitions’ airstrike on Yemen.

Since 2015, tens of thousands of people, including children and women, have been killed and millions of people have been forced to leave their homeland, Yemen, following the war between the Houthi group and Arab countries’ coalition led Saudi Arabia.