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HomeWorldPakistan: Hotel Owners Mock Manager For His English Speaking Skills. Watch Video

Pakistan: Hotel Owners Mock Manager For His English Speaking Skills. Watch Video

Islamabad: A video of two Pakistani hotel owners has sparked outrage on social media after they mocked their manager of the cafe. They mocked him because he could introduce himself as a manager in fluent English or as they were expected. People slammed hotel owners soon after the video went viral on social media.

A video shows that two women, who first introduced themselves as Uzama and Dia-owners of Cannoli by Cafe Soul in Islamabad, said they would like to introduce their cafe’s manager as they were bored.

In a video, one of the women calls the cafe manager named Awais and asks him to introduce himself in English.

The manager, who has been working in a café for the past 9 years, could not be able to frame an English sentence accurately while presenting himself to his bosses.

While laughing at the man, one of them says, “This is beautiful” and “This is what we paid for.”

Many people on social media hit out at women and raised the voice as #BoycottCannoli and became the top trending on Twitter in Pakistan.

Journalist Raza Ahmad Rumi, who posted this video on Twitter, wrote; “This is just so sad. Class privilege, colonial hangover and depravity of Pakistani elite — all rolled into one clip. The hero here is this manager and my salam to him for his hard work, dedication and putting up with this”!