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HomeWorldPanjshir Fighters Kill 7 Talibanis In Massive Afghan Hit Back

Panjshir Fighters Kill 7 Talibanis In Massive Afghan Hit Back

At least seven Taliban fighters were killed and several others wounded after a clash with a resistance group in Panjshir valley in Afghanistan. The clash took place between National Resistance Front (NRF) on the Western entrance of the valley when the Taliban arrived to attack the opposition front. Panjshir, which is led by Ahmad Massoud, is the only region that has not fallen into the Taliban’s hands so far.

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According to news agency Reuters, Taliban fighters attacked Panjhir valley on Monday but were brutally defeated by NRF. Giving a befitting replay during the clash with the Taliban, the resistance group hit back and killed at least seven enemies.

“They retreated with heavy casualties,” Bismillah Mohammadi—a member of NRF tweeted after the fight against the Taliban.

The report says that two NRF fighters were also wounded during the clash.

Panjshir has denied surrendering against the Taliban, saying that they live under terrorist rule.

Leaders of Panjshir valley believe that they will win the fight against the Taliban as they have more capable fighters and well-trained forces than their enemies. Panjshir fighters have several machine guns, rocket-propelled grenades, and walkie-talkies.

Meanwhile, Taliban fighters are celebrating since the US forces left the country on 30 August—a day before the deadline. Taliban, who took Kabul airport under control said that the US has defeated in Afghanistan.