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Poland Ruling Puts Further Curbs On Abortion Rights

Poland’s highest court today ruled that abortions in cases of foetal defects are unconstitutional. With this, the tribunal has banned one of the last remaining legal grounds for the abortion procedure in Poland.

Poland, a catholic dominated country, has one of the most restrictive laws in Europe.

The Council of Europe’s commissioner for human rights said the day marked a “sad day for women’s rights”.

Julia Przyłębska, the chief justice, stated in a verdict that existing legislation that permits for the abortion of malformed or abnormal foetuses was “incompatible” with the existing law.

Subsequent to the ruling coming into effect, abortion will only be lawful in the country in the situation of rape, incest, or a threat to the mother’s health and life. This sums up only about 2% of legal terminations conducted in recent years, according to the reports.

The decision drew an instant objection from the Council of Europe. Dunja Mijatović,the commissioner for human rights called it “a sad day for women’s rights”.