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HomeWorldNetizens Trolls Pope Francis As He Likes Bikini Model’s Pic On Instagram

Netizens Trolls Pope Francis As He Likes Bikini Model’s Pic On Instagram

Pope Francis the head of the Catholic Church and sovereign of the Vatican City State, caught the attention of social media netizens after he reportedly liked model’s raunchy photo on Instagram.

The sexually titillating bikini picture belonged to model named Natalia Garibotto. “Franciscus”, the official Instagram handle of Pope Francis was seen in the list of accounts who had liked the picture.

One of the social media users, Barstool Sports, was sharp enough to spot Pope Francis’ online indulgences and shared a screen recording showing the Pope’s Instagram name in the likes section of her photo. The account shared the screen recording with the caption “Pope Francis is horny as hell”.

When Natalia Garibotto who was seen wearing suspenders and an outfit resembling a Catholic school girl in the viral picture, was informed about the ‘like’ on her picture by Pope Francis, she found the situation quite comical. She amusingly noted, “At least I’m going to heaven”, after Barstool Sports’ tweet showing Pope Francis among thousands of those who had liked her picture on Instagram.