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HomeWorldDawn Lee, Popular Korean YouTuber, Dies At 30

Dawn Lee, Popular Korean YouTuber, Dies At 30

Popular Korean YouTuber Dawn Lee died of cancer on Sunday (May 30). She was 30. The news of Dawn Lee’s death was shared by her office on Instagram. Dawn Lee, whose real name was Lee Jung-Yoo, had learned about her cancer in 2019. She had 6,50,000 subscribers on YouTube.

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Dawn Lee Dies At 30: Lee Jung-Yoo Or Dawn Lee’s cancer was diagnosed in February 2019 when it was already on stage four. However, the popular YouTuber stayed positive and shared her battle with cancer on YouTube channel and Instagram.

Lee’s last video was uploaded on April 15 and her last Instagram post came on April 30. She spoke about “receiving bad news from her doctor” in the last video and even having two days of trauma.

However, the highly motivated Lee decided to stay positive. “But I’ve decided not to worry about what hasn’t happened yet and have a pleasant day today, stay healthy tomorrow, and stay happy the day after tomorrow,” she said.

Even in her last photo on Instagram, she is seen smiling.

MyShorts pays its heartfelt tributes to Dawn Lee.