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HomeWorldDonald Trump Acknowledges He Lost, Then Retracts Statement

Donald Trump Acknowledges He Lost, Then Retracts Statement

US President Donald Trump appeared to have conceded his defeat to his challenger Joe Biden, but he still maintained a strong view that the Democrat’s victory was a fraud.
“He won because it was a rigged election,” he said.

Trump, who has been claiming the ‘rigged’ election since Biden secured several battlegrounds in the US presidential polls, said in his latest tweet that his democratic candidate won the election in the eye of ‘fake media’.

Joe Biden is projected to win by many US media, including big news agencies like AFP, AP, and Reuters. Many foreign leaders have also congratulated Biden for his victory against Donald Trump.  
Hours after his tweet, hashtag #TrumpConceded began to trend on Twitter but he immediately clarified that he did not concede the defeat to Biden. “I concede nothing. We have a long way to go. This was a rigged election”, he wrote in his tweet.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden became the first Democratic presidential candidate to win Georgia battleground— this traditionally conservative stronghold since 1992. He secured a total of 2,472,002 votes, while Trump won 2,457,880 votes.