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HomeWorldPro, Anti-Trump Supporters Clash A Week Before Polls

Pro, Anti-Trump Supporters Clash A Week Before Polls

Washington: Clash broke out between US President Donald Trump supporters and anti-racist protesters in Manhattan on Sunday. The incident took place as Jews people were marching in support of Donald Trump, displaying the US and Israeli flags on their vehicles and shouting ‘Trump: Law and Order’.

The scene turned into chaotic after a group of counter-protestors arrived at the spot and start shouting the anti-Trump slogan.

The group ended up in a physical and verbal battle before police officers broke them up. In a video, armed police officers are seen tackling people to the ground and arresting them.

Protesters were shouting explosives, tearing down flags and throwing objects at pro-Trump vehicles. It is believed that demonstrators were associated with ‘Black Lives Matter.’ movement.

According to reports, police detained 13 demonstrators on charges of assault, disorderly conduct, reckless endangerment and obstructing traffic.