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Richard Huckle Killing: Pen Inserted In Nose And Anus – The Chilling Murder Of Paedophile

Kuala Lumpur: The killing of Richard Huckle – a paedophile lodged in a UK Jail for molesting 200 Malaysia children – had taken the world by shock, while some said that he deserved such a fate. However, little was there for the people to know as to how the man was killed inside the jail. The details, that could be disturbing for many, were made public yesterday. 

Richard Huckle’s fellow inmate, Paul Fitzgerald, strangled him with a ligature. He subsequently inserted a pen up his nose into his brain, the court was told.

The prosecutor, Alistair Neil Macdonald, told the court that insertion of an object into Huckle’s anus and brain was done as “a form of punishment” to was he had committed.

Macdonald said that the attack was “carefully planned and considered”. Interestingly, Fitzgerald, too has been a sexual offender and was serving his punishment in jail for sexually attacking a dog walker in 2009.

The court was further told that Huckle was killed to give “a taste” of what he had subjected so many children too.