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HomeWorld35-year-old Russian Blogger Gives Birth To Her 21-Year-Old Stepson's Baby

35-year-old Russian Blogger Gives Birth To Her 21-Year-Old Stepson’s Baby

Kuala Lumpur: A Russian influencer, who came into limelight on social media last year after ditching her husband and getting married to her stepson, has announced that she gave birth to a baby girl, leaving again a hot topic among the people on social media.

Last year in May, the 35-year-old woman, Marina Balmasheva, married her 21-year-old stepson Vladimir Shavyrin. Marina said that she fell in love with Valdimir, whom she had known since he was a seven-year-old kid.

Marina revealed the new guest as a baby girl on Instagram, who has more than half a million fans following her social media account.

She divorced her husband Alexey Shavyrin after 10 years of their married life.

Vladimir is 14-years younger to her and the two decided to marry three years after her divorce from ex-husband.

Earlier, she had shared her weight loss journey and revealed that how she went through a succession of plastic surgery to make herself look attractive in the eyes of her young husband.

According to Daily Mail, Marina’s ex complained that ‘she seduced my son…He had not had a girlfriend before her. They were not shy to have sex while I was at home.