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HomeWorldSingapore Deports 14 Bangladeshi, 1 Malaysian Workers Over Anti-French Protest

Singapore Deports 14 Bangladeshi, 1 Malaysian Workers Over Anti-French Protest

At least 15 Bangladeshi citizens have been deported to their home country by Singaporean authorities over social media posts against France and President Emmanual Macron. According to the Home Ministry of Singapore, all have been sent back to Bangladesh for inciting violence or communal unrest in the country. However, authorities did not specify the social media content posted by Bangladeshi nationals in the wake of joining the protest against France.

According to reports, a total of 37 arrested by security authorities, of which 14 were Bangladeshi, one from Malaysia, and the rest were other foreigners. Authorities also nabbed 14 Singaporeans on the same charges.

Singaporean authorities identified a prime accused as Bangladeshi citizen named Ahmed Faisal, 26, who had been planning to attack Hindus in their countries with his extremist people.

A Malaysian national, who was also involved in this vile conspiracy, has been deported to his home country.

The statement further added that another 21 conspirators are under investigation, who attracted authorities for deteriorating country’s communal harmony and inciting violence through their social media posts in the wake of protest against France.

France government has been facing heavy criticism from several Muslim countries following President Emmanual Macron’s remark against ‘radical Islam’ and caricature of prophet Muhammad, republishing by Charlie Hebdo, a French satirical weekly magazine.