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HomeWorldSriwijaya Crash: 4 Months Pregnant Woman And Family Feared Dead

Sriwijaya Crash: 4 Months Pregnant Woman And Family Feared Dead

Kuala Lumpur: In a very heartfelt tragedy, a four months pregnant woman, Ratih Windania, was feared dead along with her five members of the family after the Indonesian flight Sriwijaya air crashed into the Java Sea last week on 9 January.

Iwan, one of the relatives of the victim family, has shared this sad story on his Instagram account, revealing that pregnant Ratih Windania, her 2-year-old daughter, Yumna; 8-year-old nephew, Athar Rizki Riawan; uncle Tony Islmail and aunt Rachmawati were on board during the incident.

The group had visited Jakarta to meet their family members and were heading back to Bandung in West Java. Unfortunately, all were on Boeing 737-500 plane.

Iwan said they were supposed to take Nam air, but it was changed to the Sriwijaya Air Flight 182 for an “unknown reason”.

“This is a trial for us. Hopefully my son [is in] a better place in heaven,” he said while speaking to CNN.

It’s been fours days since Sriwijaya crashed with 62 people on board, but no survivors have been found as of now.