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HomeWorld"Fighters Not Trained To Respect Females": Taliban Asks Women To Stay Home

“Fighters Not Trained To Respect Females”: Taliban Asks Women To Stay Home

Taliban Spokesperson Zabihullah Mujahid said on Tuesday that their “fighters are not trained to respect women”. The statement comes amid the complaints of harassment and violence against women since the Taliban took over the country.

Urging women to stay inside, the Taliban said that they are worried as their forces are new, and have not been yet trained very well, and may mistreat women.

 “We don’t want our forces, God forbid, to harm or harass women,” Mujahid said.

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Taliban said that they will allow women to continue their work and girls will attend their schools but within the Islamic framework.

The radical Islamic organization also promised about the free press and women rights in the country.
But there are several reports that reporters are being harassed and stopped by the Taliban from covering the ground situation of the country.

On Thursday, a Kabul based journalist and his cameraman were brutally beaten up by the Taliban fighters for covering unemployment.

Earlier, a female journalist, Shabnam Dawran, in Kabul was sacked from her job after the Taliban intervened in her office.