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Taliban Back In Afghanistan: 5 Killed At Kabul Airport As City Sees Massive Chaos, Watch Video

As the Taliban took over Afghanistan and President Ashraf Ghani fled to neighbouring country Tajikistan, the situation of the Kabul airport has turned into chaos as thousands of local civilians try to leave the country. Several videos and photos are being shared on social media, in which panicked people can be seen rushing towards Kabul’s lone Hamid Karzai Airport. People, who are afraid of their lives, are desperate to leave the country as the Taliban back to power. According to reports, at least five people were killed while trying to leave from the capital on Monday.

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According to sources, Afghan airspace has been closed, while aircraft are changing their routes. Earlier, it was reported that gunshots were heard at the airport. US forces had to fire in the air in order to control the panicked crowd.
In viral videos, thousands were seen running onto the tarmac trying to board flights, which have a capacity of only 300.
Meanwhile, Taliban militants with rifles were spotted in the Green Zone. As Taliban have encircled the capital city of Kabul, the airport is the only way out for the people.

Several media reports claim that the Taliban has assured Afghani people to do not need to panic and not to run away from the country.