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Taliban Enters Afghanistan Capital Kabul

Taliban militants have entered Afghanistan’s capital city of Kabul. Multiple news agencies, covering the Taliban’s battle against Aghanistan government forces, reported that the force’s militia has entered the city. However, a senior Taliban spokesperson said that they have reached the city gates and have been asked by top brass to not to enter the city as of now. Yet, residents came on record to say that they have seen armed militia moving in the city.

Taliban so far has captured the key Afghanistan including Hairat, Mazar-i-Sharif, Jalalabad and Ghazni. The capturing of mega cities have isolated Kabul.

What is caputuring of city means?

The capturing of a city by militia is considered when security forces flee the government offices.

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A Government rout in 10 days

The experts had this believe that Taliban might conquer entire Afghanistan in 90 days. However, the turn outs were astonishing as the country’s powerful armed militia capturing more than 80 per cent of the area within 10 days. As per the pro-Taliban social media accounts, Taliban fighters are moving rapidly through the outlying districts of Kabul province, with the outskirts of the city in close proximity.

“Kabul Is Safe”

President Ashraf Ghani’s chief of staff Matin Bek said this morning on Twitter that there was no reason for panic and the city was safe. “Don’t panic! Kabul is safe!” tweeted Matin Bek.