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HomeWorldTaliban Is Brutal, Afghanistan Troop Pull Out A ‘Mistake’: Former President Bush

Taliban Is Brutal, Afghanistan Troop Pull Out A ‘Mistake’: Former President Bush

The former President of the United States George W. Bush has criticised as the US and NATO troops are moving out from Afghanistan. He said that Afghan people are being left behind to be slaughtered in the hand of the Taliban. The former president said that the Taliban is brutal and women and girls will face grave consequences following the withdrawal of the troops. Bush also said that the German Chancellor Angela Merkel will also feel regret about the pull out of NATO. The US and NATO invaded the Asian country in 2001 and toppled the Taliban government in Afghanistan following the 9/11 terror attack at the World Trade Center in New York.   

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George W Bush believes that troops’ withdrawal from Afghanistan will be a ‘mistake’ for both West and the United States. His statement comes at a time when Taliban is strengthening its grip all over the Afghanistan, claiming that over 80 percent territory has been taken under control.

Speaking with DW, former president, who sent troops Afghanistan to eliminate the Taliban in 2001, said that he has concerned for women and children as they will suffer ‘unspeakable harm’ under radical Islamic regime.

Many experts believe that the Taliban will allow more terror groups on the Afghanistan soil and will target the rural areas.

On Wednesday, Taliban announced that they have captured that strategic Afghan town on border with Pakistan.