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HomeWorld"But, According To Sharia...": Taliban Promises Women Rights Under Islamic Rule

“But, According To Sharia…”: Taliban Promises Women Rights Under Islamic Rule

Taliban on Tuesday promised to protect women’s rights and asked them to join the government led by the extremist group. Zabihullah Mujahid, who is the spokesperson of Taliban, assured that women’s rights will be protected but under Islamic Sharia Law. He also said that they are not seeking revenge from their opponents and those who were working with President Ashraf Ghani and the US forces.

It is understood that no violence has occurred since the Taliban took over and forced Ashraf Ghani to leave the country.

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The Taliban spokesperson said that women in the country would be allowed to actively participate in society and are permitted to work and study, but according to the Islamic laws.

He promised they would not be confined to their homes or subjected to the misogynist rules that were imposed on the country earlier. Even though the Taliban is trying to maintain moderate behaviour, the people of Afghanistan are sceptical of their intentions.