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HomeWorldWhat Taliban Said On Victory Of Joe Biden?

What Taliban Said On Victory Of Joe Biden?

Kuala Lumpur: Kabul-based Taliban insurgent group has expressed hope that United States president-elect Joe Biden will follow Donald Trump’s path to ensure stability in the region.

Taliban Officials, following the US Election results, on Sunday stated that they expect the new US president, Joe Biden to abide by the agreement signed with the antecedent president Donald Trump.

During the landmark deal between the Trump administration and Taliban, US agreed in February 2020 to withdraw its troops from war-torn Afghanistan.

Since then the US military has started leaving from several Afghanistan and shut down its bases.

Taliban spokesman Mohammad Naeem has told that February “peace pact” was done with a nation, not with a person. He further added that the Taliban expect that the signed deal must be respected by the new US government.

Under February, the US will withdraw its troops by May 2021.

However, several “peace talks”, which is the part of US-agreement, between Taliban and the Afghan government has failed in Doha after the disagreements on several issues from both sides.