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Taliban To Announce New Government In Afghanistan Today

Taliban is all set to announce a new government in Afghanistan after gaining control of the entire country last month. The Taliban will announce its new government after the Friday prayers on September 3. It is believed that Mullah Hebatullah Akhundzada, who is the top leader of the Taliban, could become the supreme leader of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. One of the top leaders of the Taliban said that the supreme leader of the country will run the government just like the Iranian leadership. According to sources, Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar—-the number two leader of the Taliban, is expected to become the head of the government.

New government in Afghanistan

Taliban has confirmed that Afghanistan will follow the Iranian pattern of leadership to govern the country. Taliban, which has gained control over Afghanistan after more than 20 years, said that country will run according to Islamic Sharia laws. They also promised that the new government will allow women to work and protect their safety and security. 

Taliban in talks with world community

Taliban leaders are in talks with world leaders to recognize and support the new government in Afghanistan. China, Russia, and Pakistan have already expressed their support for the new government in Afghanistan led by the Taliban. Taliban claimed that China will keep its embassy open in Kabul to increase the aid to Afghan people. Meanwhile, the Taliban and UK’s diplomat held a discussion in Doha yesterday on the political and security situation along with the humanitarian assistance in Afghanistan.

UN to resume service in Afghanistan 

United Nations (UN) has said that they are resuming its more than 160 humanitarian aid organisations in Afghanistan as the situation is gradually improving in the country. Meanwhile, the UK has promised to provide 41 million dollars to Afghanistan’s neighbouring countries to deal with Afghan refugees.  

Heavy causalities in Punjshir valley

According to news agency Reuters, heavy casualties have occurred in the Panjshir valley in a clash between Taliban fighters and forces loyal to local leader Ahmad Massoud on Thursday. Taliban has claimed that they have captured center of the Shutul district in Panjshir along with 11 outposts. The Panjshir Valley is the only region that has not fallen into the Taliban’s hands.