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Tension Rises In South China Sea As China ‘Expels’ US Destroyer From Nansha Island

Kuala Lumpur: China has claimed it has “expelled” US Navy destroyer from the disputed South China Sea and increased its presence in the region. China said that stern action was taken against US navy as USS John S. McCain was spotted near Nansha Island. 

Senior Colonel Tian Junli, a spokesperson for the PLA southern theatre command said that US destroyer was expelled by PLA on Tuesday from Nansha Island waters in South China Sea. 

Expressing the fierce indignation, Tian said that it was a clear violation of China sovereignty and undermined the peace and stability in the region.

The move comes days after US’ anti-submarine warfare had participated in the Philippines Sea with a Japanese carrier and French submarine.

Meanwhile, US also issued a statement on the matter, asserting ‘navigational rights and freedoms’ in the Nansha Island. 

China, who claimed most parts of South China Sea, has built several artificial island for strengthening its military presence and planning to mining the seabed minerals in the disputed land, which is home to a wealth of natural resources.