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HomeWorldThai Women Faces Heavy Criticism For Claiming Sexual Abuse In Schools

Thai Women Faces Heavy Criticism For Claiming Sexual Abuse In Schools

Thai woman is facing heavy criticism for bringing up a sensitive issue like sexual harassment in schools. She had been receiving threats of legal action to be taken against her for portraying a bad image of Thailand by holding a placard against sexual abuse in the education system.

A 20-year-old, stated that by this move she is hoping that people in society like students and adults and parents will get to know about this sensitive matter.

A university student clad in a high-school uniform claims she was sexually harassed in school years ago.

Thailand had been a victim of a recent protest, which demanded changes in monarchy and resignation of current Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha. Amid the Bangkok protest, Nalinrat Tuthubthim accused her teachers of sexually harassing her. She put black tape over her mouth and held a placard claiming that school’s are not safe.

Since then she had been under-fire by the detractors. Many backlashed her for not being a high-school student, while some shared screenshots of her social media handle where she was wearing revealing outfits in some of the pictures.

A parliament member stated that she had called it for herself, as she was drawing attention from society and social media.

Pareena Kraikupt stated that Nilanrat is responsible for what follows and said that she will be filing a police complaint against her for wearing a high-school uniform when she is a university student. However, she even called the police to investigate the allegations made on her former school.