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HomeWorldThailand: Protesters Demand PM Resign Within 3 Days

Thailand: Protesters Demand PM Resign Within 3 Days

Bangkok: Thailand protesters warned its Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-Ocha to meet their demands within three days or be ready to face huge nationwide protests. The warning comes from pro-democracy protesters shortly after Thai PM announced that his government is planning to lift the state emergency.

Thai protesters warned PM Prayuth to fulfil their demands or resign from his seat over reforms in the constitution and remove the country’s monarchy system.

The protesters, which have been largely led by the country’s students and youngsters, also said that they will launch even bigger demonstrations if the government does not meet their demands.

Meanwhile, the government has blocked the country’s several media houses and news websites for covering the protest movement.

The government has attempted to crack down on peaceful protest since the state emergency imposed in the capital city, banning political gatherings or more than five people in Bangkok.

Hong Kong-style protesters have been demanding the removal of current PM Prayuth Chan-Ocha, change in the country’s constitution and end to harassment of critics and free media.

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