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That’s A REAL Gun – Toy Like Weapon Sparks Controversy In US

A controversy has erupted in the United States after a weapon maker manufactured a gun that looks like a toy. The Glock pistol looks exactly like a children’s Lego toy gun. The Utah-based company, Culper Precision, which has manufactured the gun, is now facing calls to stop its production. Culper Precision has named the pistol “Block19” and is selling it for between US$549 and US$765.

Social groups have also demanded action against the manufacturing of such a product. Shannon Watts, the founder of the group Moms Demand Action, which advocates strict gun laws, have reached out to Lego and the gun maker Culper Precision. The controversy comes at a time when there is a sharp rise in gun-related incidents in the US.

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On its advertisement, posted on June 24 on Instagram, the gun maker wrote: “We wanted the second amendment to simply be too painful to tread on, so there was only one logical solution.”

“Here’s one of those childhood dreams coming to life, the Block 19 prototype, yes can actually build Legos onto it,” it added.