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HomeWorldThe Moment When Joe Biden Said "InshaAllah" On Trump's Face

The Moment When Joe Biden Said “InshaAllah” On Trump’s Face

Could a single word sum-up the world’s hottest debate? Yes, indeed. That word was “Insha-Allah”.

Democratic presidential candidate #JoeBiden used the word “Insha-Allah” in his first-ever presidential debate with incumbent #DonaldTrump. Insha-Allah translates to “if Allah wills it” and is a popular terminology used by Muslims across the world whenever someone wishes them good luck.

Biden used the word as Trump started to response on tax accusations against him.

“Millions of dollars and you’ll get to see it,” Trump said of the amount he claims to have paid, to this, a witty Biden interjected, “When? Inshallah?”

The use popular Muslim phrase in front of Trump – a leader know for his hard anti-Muslim stand – is being termed as the best moment of the debate by many.

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