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Top Glove To Resume Exports Of Goods By End Of September

The largest glove manufacturer, Top Glove Corporation Bhd announced that it will resume exporting goods to the United States from end-September. Its managing director, Lee Kim Meow said the goods are ready to be exported, and only printing of the packing material is left. Previously, the company announced that the United States Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has cleared the corporation and allowed the entry of goods at all US ports from September 10.

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Lee Kim said the company was confident that it would retain the existing customers and also attract new customers. He said this during a media and analysts briefing on Top Glove’s results for the fourth quarter.

Earlier in July, US customs claimed that they had sufficient information indicating labour abuse at the company. Later in March 2021, CBP said that they have conclusive evidence stating forced labour, after which they banned products from all subsidiaries of the company.