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HomeWorldTV3 Makes False Claims On Kamala Harris, Then Apologises.

TV3 Makes False Claims On Kamala Harris, Then Apologises.

Malaysia’s oldest private television channel, TV3 has apologised for falsely referring the United States’ newly-elected vice-president Kamala Harris as a child of an undocumented migrant on its “Buletin 130” programme aired on Sunday

Local television channel TV3 had erroneously called Kamala Harris the daughter of an illegal immigrant.

The TV news report in question stated that “The daughter of a Jamaican couple and an illegal immigrant from India, she also broke a stigma when she became the first black-skinned woman to serve as the attorney-general of California. ”

“Referring to a Buletin 1.30 news yesterday, we would like to apologise for an oversight on US vice president-elect Kamala Harris. She is actually the daughter of immigrants from Jamaica and India, and not as reported.” TV3 Officials said on Monday, adding “We regret over the error on her background, ”.

TV3’s statement on Sunday had riled up the Twittersphere, leading to cries of “fake news”.