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HomeWorldTwitter Suspends Fake Accounts Posing As Black Trump Supporters

Twitter Suspends Fake Accounts Posing As Black Trump Supporters

Twitter has disabled numerous accounts posing as Black patrons of US President Donald Trump and his re-election campaign for violating its rules against platform manipulation.

“Our teams are working diligently to investigate this activity and will take action in line with the Twitter Rules if Tweets are found to be in violation,” said the spokeswoman for the platform.

According to a statement in The Washington Post, social media scholar Darren Linvill from Clemson University traced and found more than two dozen similar accounts, many of them using indistinguishable language in their tweets.

Many of the accounts used profile pictures of Black men taken from news reports or other readily available sources and pretended to be from members of groups with pro-Trump leanings, including veterans, police officers, steelworkers, businessmen, and strict Christians.