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U.S. Urges Israel to Minimize Civilian Casualties in Gaza, Calls for a “Lower Intensity” Approach : Report

President Biden expresses concern over the rising civilian death toll in Gaza amid the conflict with Hamas. The U.S. urges Israel to recalibrate its military strategy, favoring a more cautious approach to minimize collateral damage. Biden emphasizes the need to balance military actions with safeguarding civilian lives in the ongoing crisis. The U.S. diplomatic pressure highlights the delicate balance between pursuing security objectives and protecting innocent lives in the region.

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President Biden Expresses Concern Over Civilian Deaths

In a press conference on Thursday, President Joe Biden voiced his apprehension regarding the escalating civilian death toll in Gaza. He emphasized the need for Israel to prioritize the safeguarding of civilian lives amid the ongoing conflict with Hamas.

Top National Security Adviser Visits Israel as Pressure Mounts

As the United States intensifies its efforts to address the situation, a top national security adviser from the U.S. is currently in Israel. This visit coincides with Washington’s push for a recalibration of Israel’s military strategy, urging a transition to what has been described as a “lower intensity” approach against Hamas.
Biden’s Call: Balancing Military Action with Civilian Safety

When questioned by reporters about Israel’s military campaign in Gaza, President Biden clarified that the intention is not to halt operations against Hamas but rather to advocate for a more meticulous and cautious approach. The emphasis is on minimizing collateral damage and preserving the lives of civilians caught in the crossfire.


The United States’ diplomatic pressure underscores the delicate balance between pursuing security objectives and safeguarding civilian populations. President Biden’s call for a “more careful” approach signals a nuanced stance, urging Israel to continue its actions against Hamas while prioritizing the protection of innocent lives in the conflict-ridden region.