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HomeWorldTrump Supporters Attack US Capitol, 1 Person Dead: Top Developments

Trump Supporters Attack US Capitol, 1 Person Dead: Top Developments

Kuala Lumpur: The supporters of US President Donald Trump attacked the US capitol – the main parliament building where the senate and the House Of Representatives is situated – on a day when the transition of power ceremony was supposed to be held in the country. The unprecedented scenes of violence from the United States sent shockwaves across the world, with world leaders expressing their disapproval to the incident.

Here are top 5 developments on the US Capitol Attack

1) As many as 100 Trump supporters raged the capitol building and vandalised furniture and glass. They broke glass ceilings, furniture and even clashed with the police. The violent mob was fired at tear-gas and gunshots by the police. One of the protestors, a woman, was shot dead during the violence.

2) The incident happened just at the time when the transition of power ceremony in the country – that officially declares the winning candidate as the next president of the United States – was taking place inside the Capitol building.

3) Donald Trump, seemed as undeterred and unapologetic as ever, even though he appealed his followers to go home. The United States President said on Twitter that he “loved” the people who went to capitol. The social media giant took immediate action against Trump, with Facebook suspending his account for 24 hours and Twitter blocking him for 12 hours.

4) World leaders – including UK PM Borish Johnson, UN Chief Antonio Guterres, Indian PM Narendra Modi among others -denounced the attack and called for peace.

5) Former US Presidents including Barack Obama, Bill Clinton and George Bush expressed outrage over the attacks. A host of US leaders at top business and political positions have asked for immediate sacking of Donald Trump.