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HomeWorldUS: Curfew Imposed in Philadelphia After Black Man Shot Dead By Police

US: Curfew Imposed in Philadelphia After Black Man Shot Dead By Police

Kuala Lampur: Tension has gripped in the US city of Philadelphia as protestors pledged to rally against racial justice following the death of a black man, who was shot dead on Monday by police.

Citywide curfew has been imposed to quell the unrest as the streets of Pennsylvania’s largest city witnessed two nights of riots that began peacefully but later turned into looting and periodic conflicts between police and rioters.

As of now, Philadelphia police have made 172 arrests, while 53 officers were injured in the clashes with the angry mobs.

Authorities claimed that the two police officers fired at black man, Walter Wallace Jr, who was holding a knife and approaching them.

The family members of Walter Wallace Jr said that he was suffering from a mental breakdown when confronted with law enforcement.

With the US Elections just around the corner, the White House officials have announced that the administration is ready “to deploy any and all federal resources to end these riots.”