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US Elections 2020: Joe Biden Says “We Are Going To Win”; Donald Trump Not Ready To Accept Result

New York: Democratic candidate Joe Biden is leading in crucial battleground states over US President Donald Trump for the race of White House. With 264 electoral votes, Biden is far ahead from Trump who has secured only 214 votes. The magic number is 270 to become the new President of the United States.

As of Friday, Biden has taken the lead over Trump in Georgia, Pennsylvania, Arizona and Nevada– that is likely to play a significant role in making the new President. 

Biden, who declared his victory, has said that he and his government will work hard for people who voted against him and for him. 

‘We are going to win this race. We are proving again that democracy works. Your vote will be counted”, he said amid the false accusations of fraudulent voting by incumbent President Donald Trump. 

During his speech in Delaware, Biden urged Americans to stay calm and wait until the final results are declared. 

On the other hand, Trump, who has been shouting on Twitter to “stop the counting” and levelling charges against his opponent Biden for allegedly “stealing votes”, said that some troops’ mail-in ballots have gone “missing.”