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HomeWorldUS Man Cuts Off His Penis To Save The World

US Man Cuts Off His Penis To Save The World

A US man cut off his penis and threw it out of the window while being chased by the police. According to the man, Tyson Gilbert, voices coming from the radio instructed him to do so to save the world. Police started chasing him after he parked his car on the way of traffic. Police tried to signal him but he took off. At some point during the chase, he stopped the car and gave officers a glimpse of his naked, blood-covered body. 

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Even after cutting down his penis, the man kept driving until the police managed to slow him down and end the chase. He was immediately taken into custody and was given medical attention for his self-inflicted wound. 

Police authorities said that Gilbert said the voices from the radio asked him to cut his penis in order to save the world. He was taken to Vanderbilt Hospital for treatment, however, no further information about his condition was revealed.